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Lárus Sigurdsson

If music was ever truly ‘created’ by someone, it would be the music by Lárus Sigurðsson. Not only the melodies but also the instruments themselves have been made by the 45-year-old Icelandic guitarist of post-rock band Stafraenn Hakon.

At VOLKOREN we are digitally released two albums of him now which where previously only released in Iceland: Dagur Sundraranna and Höfuð á Sundi. This way you can get to know him and his music. And now we also released 'We are told that we shine'

How to describe his music? Imagine Iceland, a winter’s day, you are alone and there’s hardly any light. However, in some way light that’s left reflects on a big lake. It’s hard to determine its origin. Somehow it does not matter, as this resonates beauty in its purest form…

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